What would you do if you had magical powers?


Discussion about the future of living often turns into talk about technology – what can we achieve through smart design and solutions?

Urban areas are facing new challenges as more and more people want to live and work in cities. The changing needs are often best addressed with innovative yet simple solutions. Microsoft’s Senior Technical Evangelist Denis Cepun discussed the simple improvements that innovations can bring to our everyday life when visiting #REDIHACK.


“Technology is like magic that can empower anyone of us. We don’t necessarily have to see the magic to feel it’s there. Best user experience comes through the small details that help us to get through everyday tasks a little smoother.”


In life, simple things matter. Technology can offer us much and more when it comes to simplifying our daily chores. Innovations will become an even greater part of living, shopping and transportation in the future. Also, smart buildings and homes will be the next big trend in living.


Smart buildings will be able to learn to know their inhabitants and users which makes it possible to adapt to their needs and routines. An office can learn the preferences of an employee and recommend a suitable work space. A residential building can adapt to the routines of an inhabitant and save hours of valuable time. And this is all just a beginning.