SRV as a company

SRV is a leader in the development, commercialisation and building of innovative construction projects.

We seek long-term profitable growth in business premises and housing construction in Finland’s developing urban centres, close to good transport links, particularly rail traffic routes. Our business focus is in Finland. Additionally, we implement profitable shopping centre projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, and in Estonia.

SRV Group Plc was founded in 1987

The company’s share is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki

Revenue EUR 719 million; number of employees about 1,000

The company operates in selected growth centres in Finland, Russia and Estonia


SRV’s mission is to improve quality of life by building sustainable solutions.


SRV creates the best customer experience as a constructor of urban town centres.


Arising in the middle of the new Kalasatama neighbourhood, REDI is the largest shopping and lifestyle centre in Helsinki’s inner city. REDI, the new landmark of Helsinki, combines shopping, nature, urban culture and modern living in a brand new way.

REDI’s six residential towers, one office and one hotel tower will soar as high as 132 metres. REDI’s towers will rise on the shores of Kalasatama over the next ten years. The shopping centre opens in 2017, and the first residential tower will be ready for occupants around 2018. By 2022, REDI will be completed. Upon completion, REDI will be home to 2,000 residents and offer jobs for hundreds of people.

Strategy 2016-2020

SRV’s updated vision: SRV creates the best customer experience as a constructor of urban town centres. This vision will be achieved when three strategic objectives have been realised: 1. The best profitability in our industry, 2. The best customer experience in our industry, and 3. The most attractive employer in our industry.

The strategy is based on SRV’s five values: Sustainability, Enthusiasm at work, Courage in development, Result driven and Open collaboration.

In addition to implementing the strategy, SRV’s strategic efforts in 2016 will focus on improving profitability, creating a superior customer experience, and developing reporting and the sustainability operating model.

Watch our strategy video below: