REDI’s neighbourhood is growing rapidly


The fastest-growing circle

Imagine taking a compass and drawing a circle around REDI, with a radius of approximately two kilometres. This circle, which can be called REDI’s ‘primary catchment area’, encompasses the entire residential area being built at Kalasatama, half of the Kulosaari district, and parts of Sörnäinen and Vallila.
By 2022, the population of this area is expected to grow by no less than 39 per cent, whilst the population of the entire city of Helsinki is expected to grow by 10 per cent over the same period. You will have drawn one of the fastest-growing areas in Helsinki on the map!

Nearly a million square metres of residential housing

This figure is largely based on the fact that, when it is completed in the 2030s, the Kalasatama residential area will provide a home to as many as 20,000 people and a workplace for 8,000. By 2030, there will be a staggering 921,000 square metres of residential housing in Kalasatama.

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