Magnificent shopping centre in Kalasatama


Jonna Majanen, Leasing Manager at SRV, is in her dream job – creating a completely new kind of REDI shopping centre in Finland.

What makes the REDI Centre so unique?

REDI is located on the waterfront in a new, spectacular residential area, and the metro runs right through the shopping centre. That in itself is quite an attraction. Naturally, another wow factor is the high rise apartments. REDI is a superb blend of retailers, apartments, offices and hotels.

REDI will feature both well-known brands and outlets as well as many new names, particularly in fashion and home interiors. Instead of hypermarkets, REDI will offer excellent supermarket-sized grocery stores, a market hall and specialty boutiques. The REDI dining experience will include many new concepts, with a modern, cosmopolitan approach to eating. For example, great street food will be available.

What will REDI’s experience and entertainment centre offer?

There will be something for everyone. REDI will offer plenty of exercise opportunities, and places where you can challenge yourself mentally and physically. There will also be a climbing wall. You can watch people climb 20 metres above the park. REDI is all about a relaxed, sporty atmosphere. For example, you can sit and watch your favourite sport in comfort.

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