Innovative AI solution Get Jenny wins at #REDIHACK


The winner of the five-day #REDIHACK event was Get Jenny – an AI solution developed to facilitate the daily lives of both REDI residents and shopping centre visitors. The solution works on existing instant message services and is integrated into the everyday lives of the users.


REDI, which is being completed in phases, combines living, people flow and shopping in an entirely new way. At the #REDIHACK event, startups developed innovative digital solutions for REDI. They sought to understand service users even better and develop flexible solutions for urban lifestyles. The solutions were presented at the demo day.

“The winning solution appealed to us thanks to its ease of use and the fact that it combines all of the functions of REDI – living, people flow, enjoyment and shopping. I believe that this solution has plenty of potential to be used in other residential environments, too. On the whole, the calibre of the event was very high,” says Timo Kokkila, member of SRV’s Board of Directors, who served as the chair of the jury.


Get Jenny is an AI solution that enables users to order food and services or book a sauna time for when their neighbour is out jogging, for instance. The solution integrates the different REDI user groups and works in all situations. The winning team charmed the jury with a pitch showcasing the functionality of the service in different REDI user situations.


The top three at #REDIHACK also included Lunchie, which combines a wide range of lunch services and food waste solutions, and Vint, which provides flexible and personalised storage solutions.

The five-day #REDIHACK sought creative solutions and innovative concepts for living and shopping in the future. Although only one team could win, the event generated plenty of valuable ideas and innovations.