Ideas for smoother People Flow


At its best, a great hackathon can generate products and services that have the potential to go global, says Karla Lindahl of KONE Corporation, a member of the #REDIHACK jury.

KONE is excited to be part of the REDI project, which, according to Karla Lindahl, Vice President, Strategy Development for KONE, represents a completely new way of thinking for construction and the development of urban environments. According to Lindahl, SRV has taken a pioneering approach to the project, with a particular focus on end-users’ needs.

“At KONE, we believe that the best solutions and products are co-created with our customers, strongly taking users’ needs as the starting point. We recently organized our first own hackathon with excellent results, and are more than happy to be part of #REDIHACK,” Lindahl says.

According to Lindahl, KONE wants to improve the flow of urban life and make cities better places to live.

“When I look at how buildings and cities work, and what kind of experiences they provide, for me what is important is how easily and effectively people can move around – at KONE we call this People Flow. As a member of the jury, I will be on the lookout for new ideas and digital concepts that make moving, living and shopping an easy and effective experience.

All in all, KONE sees #REDIHACK as a great opportunity to further deepen its collaboration with SRV and its partners.

“It is great to work together with our customer SRV on this prestigious project, which will without doubt become a benchmark for future construction and urban development. As a truly global player, we understand cities and how they work around the world, and we continuously promote Finnish innovation abroad.

At #REDIHACK, I look forward to seeing new ideas and solutions that even have the potential to be developed and taken outside Finland and across the world!”