Cities are the future


Urbanisation is posing challenges for societies all across the globe – how do we build sustainable and people-friendly cities for an increasing number of inhabitants?


As more and more people move into cities, there is a growing need for homes that are both affordable and comfortable. High-rise construction offers one solution when plots are scarce. When transportation, living and commerce combine in new ways, we need digital solutions to improve our customers’ user experiences.

“In the future, everything will focus around people and the user experience, irrespective of whether they are the building’s constructors or users,” says Jussi Herlin, Vice Chairman of KONE’s Board of Directors.


But Herlin, who spoke at #REDIHACK, wants to talk about more than just elevators. KONE’s term ‘People Flow’ refers to the many ways in which people move from place to place within and between buildings in a smart city.  “We must be able to meet future expectations today – whether it’s a question of construction, living or transport.”


SRV’s #REDIHACK is seeking creative solutions for future living and commerce. The twelve participating start-ups will receive expert support as they develop solutions over the week-long event. The winner will be announced on Friday, when the teams present their solutions to a jury of experts from a variety of industries.