#REDIHACK Demopäivä

Innovative AI solution Get Jenny wins at #REDIHACK

The winner of the five-day #REDIHACK event was Get Jenny – an AI solution developed to facilitate the daily lives of both REDI residents and shopping centre visitors. The solution works on existing instant message services and is integrated into the everyday lives of the users.


REDI, which is being completed in phases, combines living, people flow and shopping in an entirely new way. At the #REDIHACK event, startups developed innovative digital solutions for REDI. They sought to understand service users even better and develop flexible solutions for urban lifestyles. The solutions were presented at the demo day.

“The winning solution appealed to us thanks to its ease of use and the fact that it combines all of the functions of REDI – living, people flow, enjoyment and shopping. I believe that this solution has plenty of potential to be used in other residential environments, too. On the whole, the calibre of the event was very high,” says Timo Kokkila, member of SRV’s Board of Directors, who served as the chair of the jury.


Get Jenny is an AI solution that enables users to order food and services or book a sauna time for when their neighbour is out jogging, for instance. The solution integrates the different REDI user groups and works in all situations. The winning team charmed the jury with a pitch showcasing the functionality of the service in different REDI user situations.


The top three at #REDIHACK also included Lunchie, which combines a wide range of lunch services and food waste solutions, and Vint, which provides flexible and personalised storage solutions.

The five-day #REDIHACK sought creative solutions and innovative concepts for living and shopping in the future. Although only one team could win, the event generated plenty of valuable ideas and innovations.

Arhi Kivilahti Keskolta pohtii tulevaisuuden kauppaa

How will digitalisation change trade and commerce?

In the future, trade and commerce will be less and less tied to physical stores – or will it? What kinds of services will interest future customers and get them back into stores?


#REDIHACK participants will be considering services for commerce, transport and living, as these will all be combined in the REDI shopping centre and its adjoining residential towers, which are currently under construction in the Kalasatama district of Helsinki. Kesko’s Director of Development, Arhi Kivilahti, visited the event to share his vision of future trade and commerce.

“Services must adapt to people. By harnessing digital services and data, commerce can get closer to customers’ daily lives. Technology should not distance us from our daily lives, but rather create a better service experience.”


One key commercial trend is the agile harnessing of customer data. Data collection is often thought to be of most benefit to sellers, even though it’s worth using this data to develop the customer experience.

“The best stores understand their customers and adapt in time with their customers’ needs. The digitalisation of trade and commerce is, above all, a question of people, not technology,” says Kivilahti.


SRV’s #REDIHACK is seeking creative solutions for future living and commerce. The twelve participating start-ups will receive expert support as they develop solutions over the week-long event. The winner will be announced on Friday, when the teams present their solutions to a jury of experts from a variety of industries.

Jussi Herlin KONEelta

Cities are the future

Urbanisation is posing challenges for societies all across the globe – how do we build sustainable and people-friendly cities for an increasing number of inhabitants?


As more and more people move into cities, there is a growing need for homes that are both affordable and comfortable. High-rise construction offers one solution when plots are scarce. When transportation, living and commerce combine in new ways, we need digital solutions to improve our customers’ user experiences.

“In the future, everything will focus around people and the user experience, irrespective of whether they are the building’s constructors or users,” says Jussi Herlin, Vice Chairman of KONE’s Board of Directors.


But Herlin, who spoke at #REDIHACK, wants to talk about more than just elevators. KONE’s term ‘People Flow’ refers to the many ways in which people move from place to place within and between buildings in a smart city.  “We must be able to meet future expectations today – whether it’s a question of construction, living or transport.”


SRV’s #REDIHACK is seeking creative solutions for future living and commerce. The twelve participating start-ups will receive expert support as they develop solutions over the week-long event. The winner will be announced on Friday, when the teams present their solutions to a jury of experts from a variety of industries.

#REDIHACKissa ideoidaan REDIn kauppakeskuksen ja tornitalojen palveluja.

What would you do if you had magical powers?

Discussion about the future of living often turns into talk about technology – what can we achieve through smart design and solutions?

Urban areas are facing new challenges as more and more people want to live and work in cities. The changing needs are often best addressed with innovative yet simple solutions. Microsoft’s Senior Technical Evangelist Denis Cepun discussed the simple improvements that innovations can bring to our everyday life when visiting #REDIHACK.


“Technology is like magic that can empower anyone of us. We don’t necessarily have to see the magic to feel it’s there. Best user experience comes through the small details that help us to get through everyday tasks a little smoother.”


In life, simple things matter. Technology can offer us much and more when it comes to simplifying our daily chores. Innovations will become an even greater part of living, shopping and transportation in the future. Also, smart buildings and homes will be the next big trend in living.


Smart buildings will be able to learn to know their inhabitants and users which makes it possible to adapt to their needs and routines. An office can learn the preferences of an employee and recommend a suitable work space. A residential building can adapt to the routines of an inhabitant and save hours of valuable time. And this is all just a beginning.

REDIn kauppakeskus aukeaa 2018. Palveluita hackataan nyt #REDIHACKissa.

A dozen dedicated innovators

Diverse know-how, innovativeness and motivation were among the criteria emphasized in the selection process of #REDIHACK’s participants.

Following a pre-selection process and an open competition, the following 12 top Finnish start-up companies have been invited to join the #REDIHACK event: VINT, JAS Partners, Sola Sense, Get Jenny, Sensisto, Qvikly, Nomenal, Made by Choice, Lunch, Gim Ltd, Tuoggo ja Vessla.


The chosen participants were already able to offer preliminary concrete ideas on how to simplify the everyday lives of REDI’s residents or consumers visiting the shopping centre. The teams invited to participate from outside the open competition were pre-screened by SRV’s partner Avanto Ventures among over 100 innovative Nordic start-ups, which were seen to have the potential to answer to the targets set by #REDIHACK.

SRV is looking forward to seeing committed teams at the event, launching today, and culminating in Friday’s Demo Day, which is expected to offer various inspiring presentations.

REDI Living Lab toimii asuntojen testiympäristönä

Developing the best user experience

SRV will deliver a new type of digital platform for REDI’s residents, developed together with Idean Enterprises, to be tested at the #REDIHACK event.



Idean, a global design firm specializing in user experience and service design, has partnered with SRV to design the customer experience at REDI.


“The REDI project has included figuring out what type of digital experience would work best in the everyday lives of residents and customers visiting the shopping centre. We have created a potential experience for the residents, which we now aim to test at #REDIHACK,” says Mikko-Pekka Hanski, Co-Founder, Idean Enterprises.


According to Hanski, Idean has created both a user interface and an interface for service providers.

“It’s fun to be able to test – already at such an early phase – what artificial intelligence could mean in the housing context.”


Hanski says that Idean’s goal for #REDIHACK is, besides to study the best possible residential user experience, also to constantly learn more.

“Personally my task for our team’s part is to help the #REDIHACK participants in every which way I can to create some incredibly cool concepts”, Hanski enthuses.

REDI sijanti erinomainen, liikenteen solmukohdassa.

Towards a broader communal view

The construction industry may play a significant role in building a more sustainable society.


The decisions made during construction have a broad and lasting impact on the environment and the lives of many people. Therefore, the focus should be on the entire life cycle of buildings when considering construction projects. With regards to environmental issues this includes, for example, the location and planning of projects, which in REDI’s case is visible in its excellent location at the intersection of the city’s key routes.


“REDI also highlights the significance of services, both in the residential buildings and the shopping centre. The aim is to create a favourable environment for a true sense of communality that could give rise to, for instance, concepts supporting the sharing and borrowing economy,” says SRV’s Sustainability Director Anne-Maria Flanagan.


The communal aspect has also been present in the planning of REDI’s first residential tower building, Majakka, where the future residents have been part of the process from the very beginning.


According to Flanagan, the significance of sustainability will increase along with tightening demands. Interest groups expect operators within the industry to be upfront and to implement concrete actions in order to answer to sustainability challenges. If successful, the construction industry could, in many aspects, play a significant role in building and enabling a more sustainable society.


”In many ways SRV is already a forerunner in the construction business. Our aim is to be a top company also with regards to sustainability, and we will continue to challenge ourselves in order to reach this goal. Our development work involves listening closely to our stakeholders. #REDIHACK is a great example of this type of engagement.”


KONE on Kalasataman REDI-hankkeen hissi- ja liukuporrastoimittaja. Copyright © KONE Corporation

Ideas for smoother People Flow

At its best, a great hackathon can generate products and services that have the potential to go global, says Karla Lindahl of KONE Corporation, a member of the #REDIHACK jury.

KONE is excited to be part of the REDI project, which, according to Karla Lindahl, Vice President, Strategy Development for KONE, represents a completely new way of thinking for construction and the development of urban environments. According to Lindahl, SRV has taken a pioneering approach to the project, with a particular focus on end-users’ needs.

“At KONE, we believe that the best solutions and products are co-created with our customers, strongly taking users’ needs as the starting point. We recently organized our first own hackathon with excellent results, and are more than happy to be part of #REDIHACK,” Lindahl says.

According to Lindahl, KONE wants to improve the flow of urban life and make cities better places to live.

“When I look at how buildings and cities work, and what kind of experiences they provide, for me what is important is how easily and effectively people can move around – at KONE we call this People Flow. As a member of the jury, I will be on the lookout for new ideas and digital concepts that make moving, living and shopping an easy and effective experience.

All in all, KONE sees #REDIHACK as a great opportunity to further deepen its collaboration with SRV and its partners.

“It is great to work together with our customer SRV on this prestigious project, which will without doubt become a benchmark for future construction and urban development. As a truly global player, we understand cities and how they work around the world, and we continuously promote Finnish innovation abroad.

At #REDIHACK, I look forward to seeing new ideas and solutions that even have the potential to be developed and taken outside Finland and across the world!”

Team spirit and networking lie at the heart of #REDIHACK

#REDIHACK – a week-long celebration of collective power

Team spirit and networking lie at the heart of this hackathon. A week of inspiring speeches and professionally led coaching sessions will feed creativity.


The five-day #REDIHACK will start on Monday 19 September, when the teams will be briefed on the project’s interfaces and receive a wide range of information to help them complete the designated challenges. At the close of the event, the teams will present their new concepts, and the best idea or innovation will be awarded a cash prize.


Each day will begin with an inspiring speech, after which the teams will work on their solutions with the assistance of Avanto Ventures coaches. The keynote speakers will be top professionals from KONE, Kesko, Microsoft and Vision+. Over the course of the week, participants will be able to test their ideas and even sound them out against ‘sparring partners’ from among the visiting experts.


#REDIHACK will culminate in a demo day on Friday, when the teams will pitch their suggestions to a jury. Although the winner will receive a prize, the hackathon is much more than just a competition. Cooperation and dialogue between the teams, SRV and its partners will generate significant added value. SRV wants to further develop the best ideas in the REDI project.


“The purpose of #REDIHACK is to find digital concepts for the REDI shopping centre and towers that will create a living and shopping experience that is much easier and more enjoyable than people have been used to,” says SRV Project Development Manager Arto Huuskonen, who is also project manager for #REDIHACK.

“My primary goal is to work with others from SRV and our partners to ensure a top-class event and a truly inspiring and productive package,” says Huuskonen.


SRV’s #REDIHACK looks for everyday digital solutions

SRV will continue to develop services for REDI, the major construction project in Helsinki’s Kalasatama neighbourhood, by organising the company’s first ever hackathon event. To be held in September 19–23, the aim of the #REDIHACK event is to hatch fresh ideas and innovations that interconnect the services of both the REDI shopping centre, due to open in the autumn of 2018, and its upcoming adjacent residential tower buildings.


“Our goal at SRV is to continuously challenge both ourselves and our interest groups and customers when it comes to construction and related services. This further strengthens our position as a forerunner within the construction industry. The hackathon concept is an excellent way of bringing Europe’s leading start-ups, shopping centre tenants, personnel and investors together to consider the future of services and living,” says the CEO of SRV, Juha Pekka Ojala.

Following a pre-selection process and an open competition, 12 of Europe’s top start-up companies will be invited to join the event. The expectation is that the teams will offer also surprising perspectives on the subject. During the course of the five-day event, professionals representing various fields aim to discover new digital solutions and operating models that simplify the everyday lives of REDI’s residents and consumers visiting the shopping centre. The new concepts could also potentially be reproduced in other shopping and residential centres.


The #REDIHACK event will be organised at the REDI Living Lab showroom situated in the Suvilahti area in Helsinki. The event will be hosted by SRV. Partners in co-operation include KONE, Microsoft, Kesko and Avanto Ventures. The event closes on Friday, September 23, with a Demo Day, where the competing teams pitch their ideas to public. The best new digital concept will be chosen by a specialist jury whose members include top professionals of the business life and representatives from SRV. The chairman of the jury is the vice-chairman of SRV’s board of directors, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. The winner will receive a prize of 5000 euros. SRV aims to further the development of the top concepts in REDI. For teams this may provide opportunities for collaborations with SRV or its partners in the future.

Apply by September 7th: http://redihack.fi/invitation/?lang=en

Additional information:


Päivi Kauhanen, SVP, Communications, +358 50 598 9560, paivi.kauhanen@srv.fi
Arto Huuskonen, Project Development Manager, +358 50 512 4368, arto.huuskonen@srv.fi