A dozen dedicated innovators


Diverse know-how, innovativeness and motivation were among the criteria emphasized in the selection process of #REDIHACK’s participants.

Following a pre-selection process and an open competition, the following 12 top Finnish start-up companies have been invited to join the #REDIHACK event: VINT, JAS Partners, Sola Sense, Get Jenny, Sensisto, Qvikly, Nomenal, Made by Choice, Lunch, Gim Ltd, Tuoggo ja Vessla.


The chosen participants were already able to offer preliminary concrete ideas on how to simplify the everyday lives of REDI’s residents or consumers visiting the shopping centre. The teams invited to participate from outside the open competition were pre-screened by SRV’s partner Avanto Ventures among over 100 innovative Nordic start-ups, which were seen to have the potential to answer to the targets set by #REDIHACK.

SRV is looking forward to seeing committed teams at the event, launching today, and culminating in Friday’s Demo Day, which is expected to offer various inspiring presentations.