Developing the best user experience


SRV will deliver a new type of digital platform for REDI’s residents, developed together with Idean Enterprises, to be tested at the #REDIHACK event.



Idean, a global design firm specializing in user experience and service design, has partnered with SRV to design the customer experience at REDI.


“The REDI project has included figuring out what type of digital experience would work best in the everyday lives of residents and customers visiting the shopping centre. We have created a potential experience for the residents, which we now aim to test at #REDIHACK,” says Mikko-Pekka Hanski, Co-Founder, Idean Enterprises.


According to Hanski, Idean has created both a user interface and an interface for service providers.

“It’s fun to be able to test – already at such an early phase – what artificial intelligence could mean in the housing context.”


Hanski says that Idean’s goal for #REDIHACK is, besides to study the best possible residential user experience, also to constantly learn more.

“Personally my task for our team’s part is to help the #REDIHACK participants in every which way I can to create some incredibly cool concepts”, Hanski enthuses.